Should MS give the Nokia X platfrom to non Google services OEMs? for absolutely free?

Hi guys

Since Elope has confirmed that the Nokia X is staying. I have had an idea if Microsoft should give away the Nokia X, (Microsoft X) platform to non Google service OEMs and charge it absolutely free, no patents changes, no licensing fee for only Microsoft's Android OEMs and leave it charging for Google's Android. just like WP8.1's pricing. You may be wondering. Doesn't this undermine the point of WP's pricing? Well yes but Microsoft is a device and services company, I'm pretty sure they can use forked Android to load their services. But I'm VERY sure Microsoft's main focus is going to be Windows Phone with marketing, pricing, developers etc.

In my opinion I think this is a pretty smart move. Bring competition to Google's own backyard!

So what do you think?