Help Me Find A Personal Trainer App

I have been using Fitstar and I like the presentation, videos and guided workout aspect of the app. I just don't want to pay for an annual membership, so I was wondering if anyone knows of any decent guided workout apps. I tried GSP Touchfit but most of the time is spent warming up so I leave the workout feeling like I did nothing. Daily Workouts is pretty good because it allows you to focus on cardio and choose your time.

I have tried a few others, but I don't like fitness apps that have you add the exercises and plan your workout. I need one that is guided. While I have tried quite a few, these are the ones still on my iPhone today. Though I may delete GSP because I feel like I just did nothing for 40 minutes. I might delete fitstar because it is occupying about 700 mb at the moment.. if you know of any good training apps please make a suggestion.