The Verge Off-Topic Weekender: Weekend at thervp's (26-27 Apr)


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So yeah, let's just gloss over the fact that I was unable to do the Verge Daily yesterday, and let's bring it back full force today! Here's 90 Seconds on the Verge!



I really hated it when it was announced (like big time). Admittedly the back does look like a plaster, but it does feel quite nice. I also prefer metal phones, they just have a better feel to them. I think the main thing now is getting used to the MASSIVE screen compared to the iPhone (it looks really great actually).

Im also happy because I have apps like Mailbox and IFTTT ;)

now if only I could find a good twitter client…

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Well, the stage, lights, and sound are all set for rehearsals now. There are a few people there today, but I am home working on school work. The school's spotlight has a blown bulb, so I had to order a couple and get overnight Saturday delivery to my house so I could get the bulbs in time ($68 for two $8 bulbs from Amazon).