A Honest Hands on Perspective


I went into Tmo to check out the HTC One and S5 - a day later I saw an ATT so I did it again... A week later once again out with friends we walked into a VZW to pick my friend up an outter box case for her iPhone and I showed them the phone also. ( They were oblivious to the fact HTC even had a new phone out) ...which says a lot. I noticed we played with the S5 more. Here's my honest opinion - I don't like the M8. I think the metal is overkill. I think it's a step back maybe even two steps back from the M7. It's heavy, the screen is too big, I still hate the way the stock folders look on sense, the phone feels weird to hold. I adore the M7 that was a fantastic phone (until the thing stopped charging on me).

While playing with the S5 I actually like the back, the plastic did not feel like cheap plastic but it felt smooth and nice to the touch. I completely forgot it was water resistant due to the fact it was so ... Well normal looking. I loved the S5 so much that I started to upgrade to it from my iPhone. However my friends told me no, and they would disown me which is crazy considering they also miss Android. No one wants to switch because of iMessage and simply because of the fact no one has any problems with iOS. I however would totally rock that S5....

So there you have it. My honest thoughts on the two phones. I simply love love love that S5 although swiping to the left kinda sucks with that magazine thingy. It was lag central. I wonder if there are any new hot launchers on Android lately.