[Idea/Suggestion] Meld Motorola's Touchless Control/Driving Assist/TTS and create a "Talkback" Sound profile.

I really love the implementation of being able to talk to my phone, it's a brilliant feature when typing isn't fast enough, or your hands are preoccupied, or if you're just too lazy to pick up your phone. The only problem I have with it so far is that it currently operates on its own terms: Either literally always listening for a (sometimes cumbersome) key phrase, or only in effect during a certain state (driving only).

So I thought of this:


via i.imgur.com

I threw this together in a few minutes, but it gets the idea across. Theoretically it would operate just like switching to vibrate/silent mode, just with a little extension of capability. Instead of nonspecific/way-too-specific states, instead make it an option to turn on whenever is most applicable. My dream is that it would dictate notifications as they arrive, announce names of people calling me, remind me about tasks/appointments/reminders I've set, and anything else could work via "Okay/Hey Google."

In the middle of cooking? Throw on talkback mode so you can either lookup recipes or play music without gunking up your phone, or listen to texts as they're received and respond without ever touching it. Going on a run? Flip over to talkback to be able to interface with your phone through headphones while it's strapped on your arm. Making a gorgeous yet messy oil painting? Your phone can keep you in the loop while being a safe distance away.

TL;DR Alongside speaker/vibrate/silent profiles, I want to see a profile that will speak to me when I need it to, and be listening for commands when I want it.