Thinking of getting 1020. Any essential Apps?

I'm seriously thinking of getting a 1020 soon. I would love to wait for the next one but that probably wont happen for a while and I'm in Australia which seems to get things a long while after. I need a smart phone now as I've been without one for about 2 months after smashing my nexus 4 (which i hated) and I'm about to go on a trip in which wifi might not be readily available without paying (which i refuse to do).

I currently have an iPod touch which does most of smartphone stuff. I want to try and have less devices though. My iOS needs can be satisfyed with my iPad mini.

I had wp7.5 on a Lumia 710 a while ago before which was hit and miss but i really enjoyed using windows phone it was just un underpowered handset. I know the situation has vastly improved and 8.1 looks like its covered my basic needs. Apps, as usual are the main thing that I'm currently researching. I'm not a really heavy user just using it it for a few tasks. The camera is a big reason I want to get it and I can put up with the slightly slower camera compared to rivals if i can mess around with settings.

Calender (currently use Sunrise on iOS)
Sport (A big one I'm a big soccer fan and BBC sport app and Squawka)
flickr - which app is best?

Music - another big one, what music players are out there, i have quite a large MP3 library, the stock experience was poor last time. any 3rd party apps to the rescue here?

Whats camera apps are good? Also I've heard are getting full res DNG files from a Lumia to Mac is a painful situation. Is it still the case with 8.1?

I want to keep it to free apps if possible.

Any advice appreciated!