Time for an upgrade to a decent, mirrorless camera

Budget is around $700. I' moving up from a point and shoot and an iPhone 5S camera, so I have zero hands on experience with advance cameras. However I'm not dumb when it comes to these things and I'll learn as I use them. My usage isn't anything too specific. I just need a camera that can take excellent pictures in most everyday situations (family events, friends get-togethers, visiting some place beautiful) etc.

I do not plan to buy additional lens any time soon. So whatever suggestions may come, should come considering i'll use what comes in the box.

My online research and yielded the following options:

  • Sony NEX-6 - $680
  • Nikon 1 J3 w/ 10-100mm lens - $600
  • Sony NEX-5
P.S I do not want a Samsung camera.