Considering Moving to iPhone

I am currently a Droid RAZR M owner and I am now considering all options for devices that are similar in size to my current device. This includes the iPhone 5. I am not considering the 5S because I see no use for a fingerprint scanner. I have a few questions regarding iOS and Apple in general to better be better informed:

How is Google Services on iOS?

Is there a Google Keep alternative?

Is there any of you guys who moved to iOS from Android?

How is sharing handled on iOS compared to Android? I mean how I can share anything to Pocket from practically anywhere.

How is Google Chrome on iOS? Does Bookmark sync work well?

Does Google Maps work well?

Is there any haptic Feedback on the iPhone at all?

I am also considering the Droid Mini and Galaxy S4 Mini. Is the iPhone better or worse than these alternatives in your opinion? Any and all help is appreciated.