Logos on phones

Confession: I don't think logos on phones are that bad.

I actually love the logos on my Sony Z1s. They're well-designed, and the one on the front of the phone helps me figure out which side is the top. The Xperia a T-Mobile logos on the back also look nice. And, as a person that likes Sony as a company, I don't mind them advertising. If I really wanted to, I could pull off the screen protector that has the logos on it (why don't all companies put their logos on screen protectors?!).


via api.sonymobile.com

Some logos are uglier than others. I think Samsung's logo is actually quite nice, isn't obtrusive, and fits well at the top of the phone. LG's logo, on the other hand, looks horrible. The picture/name combination just looks bad to me. I don't mind it on the back of the phone, but on the front, it's ugly.


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The Verizon G2 just makes me want to throw up. Not only does it make the device look lop-sided, the logo itself lacks balance. Just "Verizon" without the check mark would look so much better.