What is your favorite gesture feature?

I ask this question as I recently had to use a phone without the gestures I was accustomed to on my personal phone and wondered how I could live without this feature before.

So I ask you community with gestures now becoming more integrated and promoted by manufacturers such as LG's double tap to unlock or swipe left to get to Google Now or some news, magazine source(Possibility partly due to our phone getting bigger).

What is your favorite gesture feature on Android?

The gestures that are my favorite are:

Up to app drawer and down for notification shade on Dodol Launcher.

Swipe left to Multitasking app. It lets you do the only positive contribution software wise Samsung has committed to Android in having the ability to use two apps, at once floating so you can have your calculator and browser to see more info( the companies own browser, can run a floating chrome browser).

My only annoyance I have with the application is that the free version is ad supported, so you have to x out ads one in while instead of going straight to what you want to do.

/joking about Samsung software contributions to Android.