Annoyances with iOS / maybe I'm doing something wrong?

Hey Core!

I've got two issues with iOS and can't really figure out whether I'm doing something wrong or these are some bugs that annoy me. This is all actual on my 3rd gen iPad on 7.1.1. Here goes:

1. The music app. I don't have any music stored on my iPad, but I sometimes need music on it (typically when I'm home and in another room). For this there's a tab in the music app called "Shared". As far as I know, it should work like this: bot the iPad and my PC are connected to the same wifi network, PC is turned on and running iTunes. I select the "Shared" tab, pick the library on my PC, wait a few seconds for it to sync, boom, I'm streaming music from my iTunes library onto my iPad. Seems straightforward. The thing is, the "Shared" tab seems to appear in the music app only when it wants to. When it does, I have a "you don't have any songs in your library" message and a link to iTunes Store and at the bottom I have all the usual tabs (Artists, Songs, Genres, Playlists, Shared, etc.) and when it doesn't, I get the same message and a link to iTunes Store, but the bottom part where the tabs should be stays blank. Force quitting and/or restarting the device don't seem to help much.

2. Pressing and holding backspace to delete certain amounts of text. As far as I know, it should work like this. Say I write something and then decide that I want to delete it. Of course I could just select the text and hit backspace once. Or I could shake my iPad and select "Undo Typing". But I usually just press and hold backspace. At first it starts deleting letters, gradually gaining speed along the way. Then it starts to delete whole words. It keeps gaining a bit more speed and you can delete a fairly large chunk of text in just a few seconds. The thing is, it doesn't seem to work in the Messages app. I write a long message, then decide that I don't want to send it and try to delete it. I press and hold delete, it starts deleting and gaining speed as usual. Right after the point when it speeds up so much that it starts deleting whole words, it just deletes a few words and stops thus forcing me to either press and hold delete several times to delet the entire message or use aforementioned alternative methods. It seems to work fine in the Notes app though.

Anyone having similar experiences? Maybe some solutions?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: PS sorry for my bad English, I'm not a native speaker and I don't live in an English speaking country.