Trying to choose my next...


Ok this has been on my mind for awhile. Soooo I figured I would post it here. - for those who know me (or of me) you know I switched to iOS. It's been great for a few months but I think I'm having android withdrawals. I had many reasons for leaving but now I have reason I would switch back. Here are the problems I face switching back. Maybe you guys have a solution.

1. iPhone is popular (So is Samsung) a lot of things I do with my phone are iPhone to iPhone. One of the major things would be iMessage. I desperately wish iMessage was on android but we know that's not happening. It makes group text so easy. Also all my co workers and friends and most of my family own iPhones and were insanely happy when I made the switch.

2. I don't know what phone to pick - I'm in love with the N5 like I droll over it in my sleep. I think about a future with it and little nexus five phones running around the google plex and a whole nexus family of tablets etc. But the phone is old now and I could just wait for the next nexus (which I may not like, if there even is another "nexus" coming out). I hate/love the M8 (mostly hate) and I'm afraid that the GS5 will fail me over time like every other Samsung device I've owned. Lastly... Nobody I now even knows that Sony makes phones.

3. All the screens are huge.... But my iPhone screen is a bit small. Has anybody ever heard of 4.3 inches. That's def the sweet spot. Even 4.7 not everything needs to look like a TV is in your hand.