Display: e7440 vs e7240

Hello Everyone,

i am about to choose a laptop that will be my main workstation for the next 3 years. Therefore it's very important for me to make a wise choice.

i need to chose between these two laptops:

The operative system will be Windows7. The laptop will be hooked up to a Dell 24" display (U2412M) when i will be in the office.

I'm only concerned that 1920x1080 on a 14" display will make text very small and my eyes will get very tired after a while when i will work outside the office (roughly 40% of the time).

The 12,5" has basically the same performances (sam SSD drive, same ram, same cpu) and a less extreme resolution which i prefer. (i'm very comfortable with 1440x900 resolution on my 14" current Latitude). But can i reach higher resolution when i will connect it to the external screen?

Any advice? Am i missing some important reasons why i should go for the 14" model?

Thanks in advance to everyone that will chose to help me. I really appreciate your time.