The Verge Weekly Off-Topic: Longform (April 28 - May 5)

I know this is kinda me jumping back into the fray, but why don't we try this weekly?

Welcome to The Verge Daily Off-Topic - a change in format to see if we can build up more of an interest in the community. What if we go weeklong threads? And rather than have a comment of the day we'll have a COTW. It's still a daily off-topic - as in you can come here daily to talk - but it lasts a week. :)

If you're new to the OT just be sure to stick to The Verge's Community Guidelines, and we'll have no issues here.

As a ten shot salute, let's see who got COTD for the weekend.

Be jealous…

Today I have mainly been playing with Lego :D

by MrMessy | 3 Recommends

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