Just switched from an iPhone

Two days ago I bought my second Android phone, a white 32GB Nexus 5. This phone is the most amazing device I have ever gotten my hands on. The reviews all painted this picture of a broken smartphone, missing features, and cutting corners to reach a low price point. I'm glad to say they're all wrong, including The Verge, that gave me the idea that the shiny black edges would be aesthetically unpleasant (I'm not sure if this is in the review or the Vergecast). The way the phone feels comfortable in my hand and the larger screen greets my eyes and keeps my attention every time I look at it is just awesome.

But I should step back and give some background before I go further. My last Android phone was a Samsung Galaxy Ace running Gingerbread 2.3.4. This version was released somewhere in 2010, but I was using it as late as fall of 2013. I hated it. It wasn't compatible with any apps, the system storage was only 200-something Mb's, and the SD card didn't support many apps. I switched to an iPhone 5 that same year and everything got better.

So now I'm back on Android, and I can't say enough how glad I am that I was wrong about Android phones (but sadly still right about the Galaxy Ace). There has been a learning curve to using this new phone. 6 months on iOS have left me forgetful of the many ways to use Android. In fact, I was so forgetful that on the very first day my N5 sucked up half of my data plan.

So I supposed I just need some help getting back into Android. I already have all of my favourite apps from iOS installed on my N5 and have even transferred my VSCO Cam filters over as well as set up a dropbox sync between Writer Pro (the best markdown writer ever) and Jotterpad X (another good writer).

I want to stay stock, but if you have any tips for me, apps I should check out, or anything else then please shout out a few suggestions below and I'll be glad to give them all a look!