USB C and a double sided Lightning connector, and a great/jerk move that Apple could do.

Maybe this belongs on a rumor site like MacRumors or 9to5MAc, but..

USB C will be coming in a year or two. It seems possible that Apple could make a cable with a Lightning connector on both sides and remove USB. But to do so Lightning would have supplant USB as the dominate IO connection in the marketplace. That would take Apple opening up Lightning spec for all parties. In a move similar to Apple giving the DisplayPort spec to Intel for Thunderbolt.

This is beneficial to Apple because they don't have to make a computer that will contain USB and USB C. Apple also controls the Spec. They could get away with Lightning and USB then eventually migrate to Lightning only. This move is similar to the move Apple did to force Nano Sim. They could also charge for use of the Lightning spec, generating lots of revenue even if its pennies for each Lightning device (BT Headsets, printers, PCs, Phones...)

Totally ignoring USB C would hurt manufactures who would like to make components that may work on Mac and PC, by forcing them to either split their resources or make a decision.This could also hurt a large Phone maker like Samsung, by Apple not opening the spec until the first couple Samsung USB C phones hit the market. This would make Samsung users with a worthless USB C spec phone in a market that has moved to Lightning.

After all its not like Apple did not try to own the IO spec before (Firewire)