Vergecast Love Letter

I feel lost, confused and bewildered. How many weeks has it been; one, two, three? Maybe more. It feels like I’ve been lost in this wilderness for years. I think I’ve started hallucinating on the bus, in work or at home I hear her music and my heart starts to take off, could it be? Is it really time? But before I can truly indulge in my fantasy I come crashing back down to earth. It’s the little things you know how gentle she used to be, funny, caring and informative. I mean sure, sometimes she was late and she wouldn’t always stick round for as long as she should have but it didn’t matter, none of it mattered. Not as long as we were together. Thursday's were our night. Our date night.

Over the years she has had many different names, all as alluring as the next. She has played host to many great names, great people over the years, men and women. While touching the heart of all those around her. I don’t know how much longer I can go on, Thursday’s just aren’t the same anymore Please come back. Vergecast, please don’t leave.

I miss you.