Streaming music from OneDrive

I am a new Windows Phone user, and I have all my music stored in OneDrive. Is there an app or a built in way to stream music from OneDrive to my phone, without having to "sync" and actually store all the files in the phone? I don't mind the volume of data so much, my data plan is unlimited. My OneDrive is something like 200+ GB, and phone only 32 (no SD), so I would rather store all this data "in the cloud" :).

I am looking for a universal app preferably, something that I could use both on my tablet, phone, and desktops with the same streaming functionality. Web interface to the same service would be a plus. I don't want to have to subscribe to a service / pay recurring charges, but a paid app would be fine. I would rather stream my own personal media files than use some sort of "matching" service a la "iTunes Match".

What's out there that can do this? Anyone have any similar need?