Terribly insensitive iPhone screen (5s)

Update So I went into the Apple store today, and after playing with an iPhone 5s, and also my friend's iPhone 5S, I can pretty much confirm that all iPhones intentionally do not register touch on the very edges of P, backspace, etc. Seems to be intelligent software readjusting your touches or whatever. Still got it replaced for peace of mind anyways!

Hi, I own an iPhone 5s

Do you iPhone 5S owners find that for example, when trying to press the backspace or P button on the keyboard that it's very hard to do so if you press the edge? Maybe it's just because I've been using an Android phone for so long but I find that the vertical edges of the screen are very unsensitive or don't register touch at all.

Also in the app store hitting "Paid, Free, etc" buttons require you to press below them, and pressing near the top doesn't do anything.

I can't help but be reminded of this test.


Now I'm not sure if this picture means that...
To press edges you must press inside more
To press edges you must press outside more.

I'm guessing the first one since the outside edges are insensitive.


via i-cdn.phonearena.com

Do you find your iPhone 5s screen to be insensitive around the sides? Please let me know, I'm considering using my warranty to switch phones.