Android Silver and the Curse of Samsung android.

Reports are out today The basic low down is that google plans to release and reshape the android brand in order to compete with the iphone and give android a more premium image. The question that must be ask, is why is this even necessary? Why does even Google need to do this.

The answer: Samsung.

As i have written in a previous post, Samsung is one of the most shameless companies on earth. And that gives Samsung advantages and disadvantages in the market place. Positive side on shameless Samsung, they will do anything, and everything to make money, that leads to absurdly crazy ideas like that note that turned out to be a revelation. Negative side of shameless Samsung, see the clear ripoff of ios on the first iterations of touch-wiz, 50 different brands of galaxy, including the ridiculous galaxy k.

Samsung has cheapened the android brand name and has cheated it out its brand value in order to make a profits. Now I'm not talking about cheapening based on price. As we saw with the moto G, low price can still be premium. BUt its an issue when a $100 moto g feels better made than a SGS5. The shameless Samsung that lead to the explosive growth of android, is the same shameless Samsung that hurting the android brand name with their horrible low end phones and their "meh" high end products. Like it or not there are two flag holders of android, Google and Samsung. And Samsung with their throw all crap at the wall, as much has it had help android grow, is currently damaging the android brand name.