Using Google Products at work with Personal Accounts - What are your thoughts?

I want to use Google Drive and Chrome on my work laptop with my personal account but am worried the company IT's department would be able to decrypt my traffic.

With GDrive I would only be sharing the "Work" folder and the rest are not synced, while Chrome I can't do much about it. The reason I would like to use Chrome and GDrive is because I keep my rather large 15" HP laptop on my office desk while I use my Macbook Air on the go when am on field meeting clients.

I also use a personal Android phone for work too - so syncing GDrive and Chrome there to is the defacto standard.

In the office, we use Exchange and Office heavily, we connect to the net via LAN through a secured company proxy (the Macbook would need a cable).

My other alternative is to simply lug the 15" HP around and keep the Mac at home.