Reaching out to Z2 owners!

Quite spontaneously I thought of buying Nexus 4 last year thinking that it might be enough for me and all my needs....surprise surprise - it's not This time I thought I will go all out and get myself a flagship.

So eliminating M8 because of the stupid decisions with the camera and excluding S5 because I just purely hate Samsung I though I will go with Z2. There is just a couple of things that still haven't found answer for and I thought some of the Z2 owners would be able to shed some light on those.

1. So when you are shooting at 20.7 you lose some of the camera UI features. How about third party apps ? How many apps did you encounter that take advantage of the 20.7 mpx ?

2. How is that size ? I understand it's most probably different for everyone, but coming from iPhone to Nexus 4 I feel like I'd still like a bigger screen. I am just interested in how is the handling. Some sites did mention, that it is worse than S5 or M8 but I would think that is probably just a marginal difference ?

Those two are my main concerns at the moment, but I still have lots to think about before Z2 arrives here in Lithuania.