Ouroboros vs g620 vs g700s

Hi everybody !

So my mamba died a few days ago and left me stranded with an old Performance Mx. Strangely it made me remember how much I loved my Logitech mouses (mx 1100 and mx revolutions of old !).

So now that I'm considering buying a new mouse, I find myself hesitating between going back to Logitech, or sticking with Razer.

I love the new g620 design and especially buttons placement (especially for rpgs), but the lack of the awesome Logitech scroll-wheel and the batteries in place of rechargeable battery make me hesitate.

The g700s is the seemingly obvious choice when going to Logitech, it's been praised almost unanimously by the press, but I'm not a big fan of the design, nor I am overly trilled by the button placement. Further more I read some worrying report on lag issues and rapid button wear online.

Finally the Ouroboros is a very appealing product : very versatile, gorgeous design ; but the reviews have been quite mixed. Some say it isn't very comfortable and other say the sensor isn't up to snuff, and I'm not a big fan of the button placement here either.

So, what would you guys recommend, and why ?

Thanks in advance for your responses :)