Second Screen'ing


When educating people on the benefits of my Surface RT/2, a point I always stress is how the Surface is the only tablet I'm aware of which:

(a) Can extend the desktop to a second screen and

(b) Has a desktop (although I guess you could argue some Android tabs have a form of desktop)

This means I can easily use MiraCast or MicroHDMI to turn my tab into a mobile work station. One usage example I'm fond of includes having Word (sometimes collaborative via OneDrive or WordOnline) and webpages open on a large monitor, a journal snapped to the left on the Surface and Skype with a group-call snapped on the right.

Recently, I gave my old Surface RT to my mum instead of selling it online - she loved it, but managed to crack the screen after a few weeks. As the repairs were expensive, I've docked it on a desk which is used for accounts. Connected to a monitor, USB Hub, Bluetooth mouse/keyboard and speakers, the RT becomes great as a virus-free, silent workstation for using Excel and the web. If the tablet's screen is ever fixed, she can just unplug the cables and use it as a tablet again for as long as she likes.

I'd like to know whether anyone else take advantage of their tablet in this way. If so, do you tend to dock your tab for the same reasons I do? And if you don't like to use your tab this way, then why not?