Samsung lose ground to Huawei and Lenovo



These small OEMs are putting tough fight to HTC , LG , Samsung and Sony.

I think Samsung will lose ground in low-end market especially with devices like 520 , Moto G and also countless local OEM phones.Their high-end growth also reduced as opposed to previous years but high-end sales are very strong compared to other Android OEMs atleast for now.

I think HTC , LG and Sony will diminish a lot in developing markets while OEMs like Lenovo/Huawei will gain more and more popularity because of their pricing and local advantage.

HTC and Sony smartphones are struggling even in markets like US , It puts their future in a panic...........

I hope Motorola get better and better under Lenovo.

I don't have much hopes on "premium nexus-phone-like program" because lot of companies don't even have proper supply chain to make a proper global launch to go head to head against iPhone and Galaxy S series.