Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 Mini Review

Hello Googleplex! Recently I had a bootloop issue with my N7. So, I took it to BestBuy, Got my warranties worth and got another N7 which had the same issue, soon after I took that one back I decided to put the money I got from taking that N7 back towards a Tab Pro 8.4. I mean, with those specs, display and extra goodies, why not until the new Nexus Tab comes out? So I did, I have had it for 9 Days now and Here are my thoughts.

Design: I'm not going to go too deep into design and aesthetics. Its essentially an 8.4 inch Galaxy note 3. It feels great at first but if your hands are even mildly moist the rear begins to feel a bit squishy or tacky and not in the good way the original N7 felt. The sides are a bit slimy too but if you like the Note 3 then you'll like this.

TouchWiz: I was really excited when I saw the new Touchwiz or as they now call it "Magazine UX". It was flat and looked to be an improvement over what it used to be. I was wrong. Its still bloated, ugly in some places and considerably slows down basic things in the software such as: Pulling Down the Notification shade, yes something this simple is bogged down by useless software. But not everything is bad, if you take away the lag and slowness this is an okay skin. Good things like the browser and Multi Window really make this device a pleasure to use when there isn't lag but thats not always or ever the case and it still saddens me that in 2014 Samsung still cant make up to par software.

Performance: Bring on the games because the 800 is a beast. No problems here, No really. If you like to game and are on Android and of course don't mind touchwiz and want a great gaming tablet, Get this. Now.

Display: Does it get any better? Probably not. This has one of the best displays on the market according to Samsung and several others and I wholeheartedly agree. Colors are fantastic, albeit a bit oversaturated. Viewing Angles? Great! Really just a fantastic display and as I now believe the perfect display size for a tablet.

Battery: The battery is Middle ground. Probably better than the Nexus 7 by about an hour or so. I usually get a screen on time of around 3Hrs. with around 11-12 hrs. off the charger. I wouldn't be afraid of the battery dying after a full day of usage either, it has great standby even in the lower percentages.

Conclusion: When I thought about doing this little review a week ago, I wanted to end it by saying that this is the best Tablet I have ever owned and for a short time it was. But I can't get past the software. Bloated, Tacky and Obtrusive things like touchwiz, I cant stand to bear until June or July. So, I must say that this is a Fantastic Display, Good Build and a great Performer but sadly I cant recommend this to a wide range of users...Its just not good enough. I hope Samsung will seriously rethink touchwiz next time but for now, the best way to use this is with a Stock kit kat ROM or really anything without lag. I shall be returning this device soon, maybe next time sammy.