How are you shopping with your tablets?

Hi there!

I am a graduate student from NOVA SBE, my business school in Lisbon, Portugal. I am a fascinated tablet user just like you. So, for my MASTER´S THESIS, I decided to conduct some research about contemporary tablet shopping behavior.

There is no need to tell you guys that there is currently a debate going on that tablets are increasingly replacing stationary computers. Terms like "Couch Commerce" emerged and claim that tablet users find themselves in different situations than regular PC users.

Now this is where your insights enter the game. When reading the following questions, please not only think of your own tablet shopping behavior but also of that of your friends, family or colleagues. In turn I am willing to share my final paper providing my research insights and an action plan for online businesses by the end of June 14. Alternatively we could also hook up for a Google hangout or Skype conference call and have a nice and easy-going live session!

Please introduce yourselves with your first name, gender and age, take your time and answer the following questions step by step!


1. Situation:

a. Where are you normally using your tablet?

b. At what time of the day? How often? For how long?

c. Are you shopping together with your peers or rather by yourself?

2. Behavior:

a. How are you shopping with your tablet? More for specific needs (clear goals, using price bots) or rather for entertainment, just for fun and out of boredom? (browsing, discovering, bargain hunting). Which websites do you typically use? (Please elaborate your typical tablet shopping session).

b. How involved (obsessed with a product or category) are you when you are shopping with your tablet? What are you typically shopping for?

c. Did you ever catch yourself buying more (complementary products) or even something completely different than you initially planned? (if yes, please explain why and how do you think it happened.)

d. Have you ever lost control over time during tablet shopping? (In which situation did it happen? Why do you think it happened?)

3. Tablet vs. PC

a. What are factors that influence whether you shop on your tablet rather than your PC? Which characteristics do you prefer about your tablet? How do you like specific shopping apps like the Ebay one or the Amazon Windowshopper? How about regular (non-tablet friendly) websites? Did their design hinder or even interrupt your tablet shopping experience? (Please provide examples and what should be done in your opinion in order to improve the situation.)

The more comprehensive your answers the better! I am looking forward to a lively and fair debate! This is supposed to be an informal, multiway, expansive discussion where all views are allowed. Feel free to disagree.

Your contribution is highly appreciated. All the best!