I thought The Verge was above all, a technology website.

Don't get me wrong, I love The Verge and been visiting it every single day since it was launched. It provides by far the best content in the industry and I'll always love you guys for this. But what I've been seeing these past few days disturbs me a little bit. Right now in the frontpage it's everything about the Mozilla CEO resigning (emphasis on the political side of the story), NASA severing contact with Russia (again, emphasis on the political facet of the story), that CIA thingy (which has like absolutely nothing to do with technology nor science nor culture in general), et cetera. It's been a trend lately to publish sensationalized articles that don't have much to do with the main theme of the website while putting less and less focus on the content technology addicts really like, such as, hey, /Build is going on right now! Today they had a very nice (and long, and with tons of new stuff) keynote about software development, cloud and mobile deployment and enterprise features. I see none of this here, and in the other hand I see 4 articles and 1 video about the fact that some guy resigned from Mozilla. Keep in mind that I don't want to downplay the fact that he had some dubious opinions I'm certainly opposed to, and it's also my opinion that he doesn't deserve the attention he's getting right now.

I love your long-form articles, no matter what the issue you guys talk about, but the endless spamming of "news" like these are tiresome and serve no real purpose other than to fill up the comments sections and be click baits in general. Talk about technology. If I want to read politics I'd rather go to other sites.