Microsoft, Apple and Google need to come together.

Microsoft, Apple and Google could easily band together and form a wireless network to rape AT&T and Verizon.

The new carrier would have the iPhone exclusively, Lumia windows phones exclusively, and Nexus, HTC and Samsung Android phones exclusively. Sure the 3 companies would have to spend a ton of money, but they would make it back once the profits start rolling in. Imagine for somewhere between $60-$100 a month you get unlimited talk, text, and guaranteed at least 1gbps LTE speeds.

It could easily be done, especially by Microsoft, since they have been researching and testing using White Space for wireless service.

I can see Microsoft launching their own fiber network that wont be useless like Google Fiber and will be available in places that people live since Microsoft is dependent on their services and are moving all of their products to being digital download only. They wont want to pay money to ISP's for better access like Netflix is doing.