iPhone - the best compromise

So you're in market for a new phone. There's many options right now, Android, iOS, Windows Phone. Apple, iPhone, HTC, Samsung, Nokia. There are phones out there that boast one killer spec or maybe a couple, like a 41 megapixel camera or dual camera or even fingerprint sensors. But you know, I find the iPhone seems to always be the best compromise for an all rounded device, here's why.

You start looking at phones. The HTC One looks pretty good, great screen, great build, but then a gimped camera. So you look at the Nokia Lumia 1020. Great build again, pretty good screen, awesome camera, but a smaller battery and an OS which while growing, doesn't always have the app that you want. So then to Samsung with the Galaxy S5. Decent software, awesome app selection, great camera, but crappy build and a finger print sensor that doesn't work. Then there's Sony with the Xperia Z2. Pretty great camera, great app selection, great build materials, good software, but large and quite uneasy in the hand. But then finally we come to iPhone...

iPhone 5s and 5c. Great solid build either metal or extremely well built plastic, great software, great app selection, great camera, great for one handed and 2 handed use and also feels good in the hand and in the 5s' case, a fingerprint sensor that works pretty well. One trade off is a smaller battery that the others, but one that will probably be able to get you through most of the day.

THAT is why I believe the iPhone to be the best compromise. It seems to beat out all the competition in the key areas and even where it doesn't, it's not far behind. Do you agree ?