Rant about copying

Is there really even copying?

I like to read comments on smartphone articles because its entertaining. People are so adamantly for or against anything.

When Fanboys start saying things like "copied" feature or "me-too" feature, I got to thinking.

Is company B still copying if they were just second to the market?

How do we know they haven't been testing and working on the same things as company A but just didn't come out as soon?

For example, should only one brand of fridges have an external ice dispenser because they were first? Is every other fridge brand just a copycat if they use that feature?

Every company has R&D and testing processes.

Why is a company labeled a copycat because they were second?

If company A beats company B to market with a new feature on a phone, should company B then just scrap all Its work if their feature happens to be the same?

Every company in smart phones is doing great things and sometimes features from different companies just happen to overlap.

I don't think anyone is copying anyone.