Windows 8.1 on a MacBook Air: thoughts?

I'm increasingly running into an issue at work, where I do technical support for end users on a daily basis. Customers frequently ask me for laptop recommendations, and I'm always having to weigh my love for the naked Windows operating system, coupled with my disgust for the vast, vast majority of hardware available to run it. Acer, Dell, and Samsung have made some interesting strides in making better hardware of late, but none of them seems to quite fit the bill for something I can simply recommend to anyone looking for an unambiguously great notebook to run Windows. If Microsoft can ever be convinced to just make its own "Surface Book," or whatever, that may solve the issue once and for all. Until then, I feel stuck on recommendations between a bunch of "close but no cigar" solutions, particularly when it comes to industrial design.

To that end, I'd be very interested to hear from those using the MBA+Windows combo on how it works for you. In particular, i'm interested in how the battery life compares to running OS X on the machine, and how well the trackpad works. Is the stunning ID worth the tradeoffs? Are there substantial tradeoffs? In particular, if you've also used, for example, a new XPS 13, or an Aspire S7, I'd love to hear your thoughts comparing these machines.

I also wouldn't mind hearing from you if you've used any Apple laptop to run Windows 8, but the 2013 MBA is especially interesting.

Thanks in advance!