The Dirty Laundry of iOS: Apps, Memory and Managing it all...

One of Apple's biggest claims to fame of the iPhone is the simplicity of installing and using apps, hiding away to system menus that they believe frustrate your average user who doesn't know much about tech. There are pros and cons to this of course and I'm going to be diving straight into the cons to show why there needs to be change for those that are capable of handling this.

As of right now, I am screwed. My iPhone storage shows "0 bytes Available". Now, I'm shocked as it shows me this as I'm browsing in Safari. I can only assume that I maybe had a few MBs left and then browsing some new websites lead to the phone caching those pages, thus taking up the remaining storage space. Alright, well, lets dive into the Safari menu and delete some caching, that should help since I do a lot of web browsing on the phone. Okay, we're here, the only options at the bottom are "Clear History" & "Clear Cookies and Data". Like I said, I do a lot of browsing so that should clear up something. I clear both, go back to usage, "0 bytes Available". WTF?

Okay, well, guess we have no choice but to delete apps or their data. Lets look at the app list now.

BBM - 233MB ?? What? That's not right BBM is rated at 49.9 MB on the App Store... my device says the app size is 68.8 MB and Documents&Data for the app is taking up 165 MB!! Wow, okay so delete documents and data will really help. Wait.... I can't do this? My only option is to delete the app?? Really Apple? Here lies the problem with iOS. I don't want to delete the app, I still want the app but I need memory space. Where are the options for this?

Now this isn't about putting BBM on blasts, this is just about how iOS works, you CANNOT delete the data associated with an app. You have to delete the app in it's entirety. That is stupid, not simple; as Apple would like people to believe.

This has to change, especially if Apple is going to continue to be stingy with 16GB models being the starting tier for the mobile devices and iCloud storage continues to go unused by developers and cost an arse-load compared to other offerings.