TouchID works slightly different now

Someone posted an article about the more in depth changes to TouchID, but what I think is most relevant is how it works in everyday use.


- if you hold your finger on the homescreen before pressing it, it would cause TouchID would register it instantly and bring you to the homescreen quickly.

- If you try to unlock with an unregistered finger, it will show 'try again' in a split second.

The downside to the quick unlock is that you won't be able to see the notifications on the lock screen. Also, TouchID was buggy and inaccurate at times.


- TouchID takes longer to unlock the screen. It takes close to 1 second before the screen unlocks.

- And when you try to unlock with an unregistered finger, it also takes close to 1 second to tell you that it doesn't work.

The downside is that you can never have fast unlocks anymore.

But the upside is fingerprints are recognised more accurately, probably because Apple uses better scanning algorithms that take more time to complete. And you have just enough time to glance at the lockscreen notifications. And unlock times should be consistent as a result of the change.

And so I think TouchID is perfect now. The accuracy is probably at its peak now and it should be considered a massive success for something done at the first try.