WP 8.1 Backup

The idea of actually having good backup in Windows Phone 8.1 was something I was pretty excited for, so I've been looking for details on how complete that backup is. I thought maybe others might be interested as well.

What I've found out is that apparently there's going to be a more in-depth talk about this hours from now, but there was an excellent session on Day 1 that was great at giving the basics (not just of backups, but of quite a lot of capabilities). Apparently an app can opt-in to having 100kb of roaming data. This is for app settings that need to roam between devices (like from W8.1 to WP8.1 and vice versa). This roaming data gets stored on Onedrive but doesn't count against the user's Onedrive storage. On top of that, anything that an app keeps in local storage can be backed up to Onedrive as well. While this data does count against your Onedrive storage, it also should give a far more complete backup for when you lose a device or switch devices.


The page for the video is below, I'd highly recommend watching it in general.