Video - How to use Cortana outside US (UPDATED)

Windows Phone Lovers have posted this video showing how you can enable Cortana outside of the US by changing the region to US in the phone settings. They commented that the system language speech language (see update below) needs to be set to English as well for Cortana to work, which we already knew from leaks.

Things to consider:

  • Since this video seems to show WP8.1 on some sort of emulator, I wonder if it will work the same way on actual phones - what do you think?
  • Changing the region of your phone might cause problems with some features. Does anyone have experiences with that? Does changing the region ruin the overall experience?

Some other things I noticed in the video:

  • When Cortana is not enabled, the search button will bring up the same type of bing search menu as on WP8.
  • I think this is the first video that shows how you can do a short swipe down from the top to show just the settings section of the action center.


I just realized that there are separate language settings for UI language and speech language. So if using Cortana only requires speech language to be set to English, that might mean that you can use Cortana and still have the UI in another language. Hope that's how it works! ;)