Is Anyone Else Having Trouble Connecting To The Play Store?

For the last three weeks I have been unable to connect to the Google Play Store with my Nexus 5. All I get is a "Connection Timed Out" Retry dialog box. I do get the navigation bar and search icon at the top and I can search, if I type in exactly what I'm looking for, it will come up. But, no home screen. I picked up my wife's Nexus 4 last night and got the same dialog box, but without the ability to even search. I went to my Nexus 7, which is set-up as dual user. Her section on the tablet would access the play store, but my section would not. I called Google support and they said it was a known issue. (That's a pretty bad known issue!) I believe they do collect some revenue from the Play Store. The tech said he could try to troubleshoot the problem, but it was likely to make it worse. Is anyone else having this issue?