Is Paul the real genesis of The Verge?

If you ask me, I believe that the existence of The Verge can be accredited to Paul more than one would think. Let me elaborate:

If I'm not mistaken (and I might very well be), one of the initial heavy players that left Engadget was Paul after AOL sent out this internal "The AOL way"-procedure that required editors of all AOL properties to prepare their content in such a way that did not sit well with tech journalists working in said sites. Not only Paul was the first domino that later became what is known as the "Engadget Exodus", but he was also not shy in revealing the true reasons, unlike Josh who vehemently denied this AOL-way thing in his twitter feed in response to Paul's revelation, probably out of pressure from his then employer.

After Paul, other known editors followed in quitting Engadget: Nilay, Josh, Chris Ziegler and Joanna Stern. Vlad followed shortly after, among others. All these events gave birth to This My Next, which later became The Verge thanks to Josh's great leadership .

So there you go > one more reason why Paul is the real deal.

Paul . [pɒl]