Fanboys Recently

I recently got banned from CrackBerry. Why? Because I couldn`t just let misinformation go around about Android. Did you know the an overwhelming sentiment that I get from those who use operating systems is that Android is a malware ridden laggy mess. Old thoughts for sure, and as I tried pointing it out I got banned. What irks me the most is the "hive mind" of those who use operating systems.

Recently, as some may have saw T-Mobile dropped BlackBerry from it`s stores. On CrackBerry, many said it was needed because T-Mobile has been disrespecting BlackBerry (which I also pointed out that it was not disrespect but, whatever) and they needed to get out of that relationship. As I pointed out and a few others, we said this is going to look worse for BlackBerry than T-Mobile because that might be a sign what`s to come in the future. But their "hive mind" said it was T-Mobiles fault and Legere is an ass and etc. It`s all bullshit, as we know it`s sink or swim for BlackBerry right now, and they are on the verge of drowning.

Another example, when I was on WPCentral (I have been a frequent poster and user of Mobile Nations for a while) this past week, the "hive mind" there is that Android is laggy mess and has viruses and whatnot. I pointed this out as not true as well, and again their "hive mind" still would repeat these old Android criticisms.

My point is, that android users, by far and large everywhere I went in different forums, and website comment sections, have been the most open minded and clear headed fanboys I have ever come into contact with. My examples and experiences above vary greatly to what I experience here in GooglePlex, and on AndroidCentral, and DroidLife, or Android Police. In Android Central (sister site to WPCentral, and CrackBerry) forums I have long thought out discussions, and we all learn a little as the conversation goes. Any other mobile nations site threads that go on long enough turns into Android bashing (true story).

Believe it or not, I considered a Z30 before I got my Moto X. But. I didn`t get it and I am glad I didn`t because I could not stand to be part of such a toxic fanbase. Windows Phone fans are just as bad, and recently have gone through the trouble of bashing Samsung just for taking the time to make a WP for their fledgling platform. I just don`t get it. But, maybe you guys do, why do fanboys of other operating systems hate android so much? I feel they spend t much time on their own operating sytem that they cant even be bothered to see what`s changed. Because people are still bashing android, judging it from the Gingerbread days and it makes so little sense to me.