The Verge App for iOS7



I am happy to announce that version 1 of The Verge app for iOS7 is finally done, inspired by design done by Michael Cambria previously in Apple core, the app is not just aesthetics, but also speed and convenience in browsing The Verge on your iPhone.

One of the biggest additions that are often requested, is offline reading mode and open in Chrome, well, its here!



Accessible through the burger menu, you can turn on airplane mode at any time, so that articles you previously opened can be read without using your data connections, I am still working on caching all new articles, but this will arrive in later versions. Activating chrome mode, will allow you to open all links in the app into chrome.

Not to mention, comments will now load alongside the article you are reading concurrently. So by the time you are done reading, you can go straight into the comments and check it out. How many times have you read the articles and wondered what other's think about it, then tap into comments, just to wait a minute or two for it to load. Not to mention sometimes you might already seen the comments loaded behind the black shade, but the progress indicator just won't go off. Well, no more!

The Verge App Revamp - Update #1 (via wahkiz)

I am in amidst of uploading the app to the Appstore, however there might be implications that might occur, so I won't want to promise too much. There might be a possibility of rejection due to :

1. Vox Media decides to take it down.
2. Apple needs written permission from Vox for the app.

Fingers crossed.

All the work I have put into the app is done in my free time, with no incentives. If you appreciate and like the work I have done here, feel free to buy me a coffee ;) Contact me at :