The Verge Off-Topic Weekender: Moderation Without Representation (Sat April 5 + Sun April 6)


Welcome to The Verge Daily Off-Topic. What is this thread you ask? It's your daily community off-topic thread where you're given the floor to talk about anything that's caught your eye over the past 24 hours. Just be sure to stick to The Verge's Community Guidelines, and we'll have no issues here folks.

So yeah, let's just gloss over the fact that I was unable to do the Verge Daily yesterday, and let's bring it back full force today! Here's 90 Seconds on the Verge!



Just make sure they all know ‘Jazz Hands’ ;)

by MrMessy | 1 Recommend

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We were lacking two very special persons in the Off-Topic yesterday. Where did they go? Are they ok? They didn't even call! JK, I looked on Twitter and they're both fine, I guess they were just busy.

What do you guys have planned for the weekend?