What didn't get announced at Build

Windows Phone 8.1, and especially Cortana, look very exciting. But the two Nokia phones announced earlier this week seem a little lackluster to me. Minor bumps from current products. Nothing new or bold.

Why doesn't Microsoft/Nokia announce a special model phone that will only be sold unlocked through the Microsoft Store? Call it the Surface phone, or call it the Nokia A82387QX, it doesn't matter. Microsoft should lead the charge in breaking the stranglehold the US cell carriers have over handset sales. Updates would come from Microsoft, not at the whim of shitbags like AT&T. Google has had success selling the unlocked Nexus 5. BlackBerry sells its handsets directly to consumers now. Microsoft could switch a lot of people over to Windows Phone by marketing it as freedom from the shackles of the cell carriers who just want to rip people off. A phone with the design language of the Surface 2 would be a great seller.