Would you buy a Netflix streaming-box ?


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Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Roku are available today in the market, all this devices have something in common, all of them have Netflix install by defacto, needless to say all video game consoles and many other devices. A lot of people around the world nowadays use Netflix as their main or only streaming service so why isn't there a Netflix streaming-box?

The question is: would you buy one?

For me the Amazon Fire TV, the Apple TV and even the Roku are way to much for what I really need. For example, here is Mexico we do not have Hulu or HBO Go, for example, so many of the services included in this devices are useless.

Also, we have all this Smart TVs that, for me, in the end are useless in many cases.

What is your opinion? Would you buy a Netflix only streaming-box? And if so, why isn't Netflix doing this?