Chat Log with Microsoft Xbox One Support

Chat Log

Lexie Dawn: Welcome to Xbox Chat Support!
Lexie Dawn: My name's Lexie Dawn.
Lexie Dawn: Please give me a moment to review your concern.
Lexie Dawn: By the way, thank you for patiently waiting on queue.
Lexie Dawn: Hello there, thank you for the information.
Lexie Dawn: How are you doing?
Me: okay; you?
Lexie Dawn: I am doing great as well, thank you for asking.
Lexie Dawn: I understand that some sections in your screen does not load up, is that correct?
Me: Yeah, "my pins" to the left of home and the Store stuff to the right.
Me: If I do a hard reset sometimes it comes back.
Lexie Dawn: Oh, alright. It means that your internet connection is corrupting your pins. Have you tried clearing out your persistent storage and the alternate MAC address?
Me: nope, can you give me those steps?
Lexie Dawn: Sure thing.
Lexie Dawn: Please go to Home- Settings- DVD and Blu-ray- Persistent Storage- Clear Persistent Storage.
Lexie Dawn: After that, pleaase go back to Home- Settings- Network- Advance Settings- Alternate MAC Address- Clear MAC Address.
Me: What are the ill effects of clearing the storage?
Lexie Dawn: Its actually a positive action, as clearing it out means your RAM is freed of additional baggage.
Me: Okay well the sections are back, but that's probably do to the console reboot I had to do after the MAC thing.
Me: Like I said that's what usually fixes it... but I shouldn't have to reboot ever time it messes up.. it shouldn't mess up.
Lexie Dawn: That's a good action to mix up because with the combination we did, it had refreshed the power for the console.
Me: I'm sorry what do you mean by that.
Lexie Dawn: With clearing both the storage and the hard reset, the combination had properly resolved this issue on crashes.
Me: can i get my ticket # so the next agent can reference it when I have to call in next time.
Lexie Dawn: Just make sure to keep your internet connection secure as well to avoid corruption, okay?
Lexie Dawn: Sure, please hold on.
Me: What do you mean keep it secure to avoid corruption. I'm not sure that's a thing.
Lexie Dawn: Make sure that your internet connection does not cut off when you are using the console online as that causes corrupted items.
Me: How exactly am I supposed to ensure that. That's not something people usually have control over.
Lexie Dawn: Well, cut offs usually happens during traffic or during peak hours, so I would suggest using the console online during available hours.
Me: Ticket # please
Lexie Dawn: Yes, here it is---------------.

Okay so Lexie seems to be suggesting that a drop in your connection while using the console can cause stuff to get corrupted.. and apparently Microsoft's solution is to use your Xbox One during non-peak hours? Does this seem right to anyone?

This would be the only piece of electronics that I have used in over a decade that would have had this issue. Maybe it's just buggy software?

Has anyone else experienced something similar with their Xbox One? I'm sure I'm going to be calling back in a few days once the issue crops back up. Rebooting the system has been the workaround I was using to this point, so I'm not sure her "fixes" really did anything except have me reboot the console.