Hands up if your comment has been nuked.

I just thought I'd ask.

A commenter in one of the threads on the current verge angst train said that specific thread comments were being deleted like it was going out of style.

I felt that had to be unlikely, as, realistically, none of this is going on the front page or close to it. This is all pretty inside baseball. The verge staff would have to be a bit reddit-mod-gone-wrong scale stupid to start wilfully nuking and manicuring a space that is quite obviously private within the verge, as the meta stuff is.

I'm inclined to doubt they would wipe stuff that they don't like this far deep into internal site discussion given that it is a tree falling in the forest in terms of the greater public facing site. It just wouldn't make sense.

I almost cannot believe that the verge staff would create an internal backstage meta discussion space, and then aggressively remove comments they do not like from within that meta space.

there cannot be that stupid.