What do you like to read that's not related to Technology?

So my latest dilemma has been boredom. I've read through an endless Twitter feed, replied to every message I can reply to, and even cleaned up my Pocket queue. What's left to do? Absolutely nothing. I'm bored. Which is, probably, one of the worst fates that can bestow someone who's holding a device capable of so many incredible things (that is, besides dropping the device!).

So in my boredom and lack of reading material, I thought I would ask you, everyone here on The Verge, what sort of material they're reading that's not related to technology and what you like about it. I'll get it started and share a few of my favourite places to read daily news and occasional long reads, but I'd like to gain the chance to experience new and possibly obscure reading material, which everyone can benefit from.

By the way, this is going into the Apple Core section to maximize the chance that any reading apps or websites mentioned will be accessible from an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. This includes the way articles are accessed, saved, and interacted with. Also, it would be nice to get there forum talking about something that involves everyone, but excludes technology.

So, where do Apple Core readers read?

The Verge - Of course, a lot of focus on culture and society.

Ars Technica - There is much more than technology featured here (though it is the focus)

Medium - My newest and most favourite source of long reads

AP - Another valuable source of journalism and unique coverage

FlipBoard - Possibly the richest source of reading material & discovery

Ultralinx - A focus on design

Curbed National - Architecture & Design (Sister-site of The Verge)