Considering a Nexus 5: Still worth it?

Might just ship from one carrier to another. Verizon to Sprint. Both have great service where I live, and TMo is non-existent. Anyway...

I'll have to get a new device. Currently I have a Moto X which I love. While I could just get another, it somehow feels weird to buy the same phone again.

The thought of owning another Nexus has been swirling around in my head for a while and I'm pretty sure it's what I want.

Question to the forum is this: After owning the Nexus 5 for a few months, how is it? Will it hold up for about a year from this point? After a year, I'll probably get a new device anyway.

Also, as a side note, don't bother suggesting the new One or S5. Neither is on my radar. The asymmetrical speaker on the One irks me and the S5 isn't a big turn around from the S4 I had previously before getting the Moto X.