Windows Phone 8.1 - Man, iOS 8 better be good

I happened to watch the Windows Phone 8.1 Introduction Video on YouTube and it blew my mind. The features are amazing, helpful and incredibly smart. Yes, in real life it may not work exactly as the demo, but heck, I think it's still way above the competition in terms of the user experience.

The guys at Microsoft have some serious standards. Sure, Windows 8 still suffers from a lack of apps( and Cortana-app integration requires extra developer support, so the number of apps that can actually talk to Cortana is limited and will still likely be limited in future) that I wouldn't consider giving up, but wow. As Apple recently talked about its worries about stalling iPhone sales, iOS 8 gotta show some serious enhancements to the core functionality (since iOS 7 focused on design). Kudos to Windows Phone 8.1.