The Vergecast needs to take a step backward, not forward

I agree with Josh's decision to put the show on hold, the show with Josh, T.C., and Katie was frankly horriblel. It's become apparent that changes need to be made.

The podcast needs to go back to its basics. It started off with just Josh, Nilay, and Paul recording a podcast offline and then uploading it. They started broadcasting it live, with video, and having guests.

While some was gained from these additions, a lot was lost. Video's what's made Josh constantly conscious about what his hair looks. Live streaming has made everyone on the podcast distracting by Twitter and the live chat.

Rather then recording at different locations and adding more distractions, I recommend that the podcast takes a step backward. Record in a distraction free space with a consistant cast. Continue to stream live, but without laptops and tablets in use.