Switching looks easier than I ever thought.

Today I made a quick list of all my frequently used applications and checked against the Google Play Store and the App Store to see how easy it would be to switch to Android without losing anything related to what I do on my phone.

Simplenote, FlipBoard, Pocket Casts, Pocket, VSCO Cam, Twitter, Dots, Readability, Transit, Evernote, Flixster, Yelp, Wordpress, and Shazam are all cross-platform. The only two apps that are not, which I use frequently, are iA Writer and Medium.

In fact, the only thing that I'm going to be missing out on is FaceTime calling and iMessage, which I guess will have to be replaced generally with Hangouts or Skype and a combination of text and FaceBook Messenger.

It's incredible how the Google Play Store has changed since I last had an Android phone, and, honestly, I can't wait to pick up a new 32GB Nexus 5 and start enjoying it!